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Our WINTER TELESCOPE VIEWING SCHEDULE varies due to the inclement weather. Our telescope guides make plans to setup on very short notice this time of year. So it is best to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for any announcements about viewing between October - April. When they do set up, viewing times are from about 7p - 10pm - nighttime; 12-4pm - daytime. Telescopes will be set up in the plaza outside the museum. Dress appropriately, it can get cold.

Daytime Telescope Viewing Schedule
Date Notes
December 1, 2018 Tentative
January 5, 2019 
February 2, 2019  
March 2, 2019 
April 13, 2019 
May 4, 2019  
June 1, 2019 
July 6, 2019 
August 3, 2019  
September 7, 2019  
September 21, 2019 International Sunday
October 5, 2019 International Observe the Moon Night
October 12, 2019 Tentative
November 2, 2019 
December 7, 2019  

Nighttime Telescope Viewing Schedule
Date Notes
December 15, 2018 
January 12, 2019  
February 15, 2019  
March 15, 2019  
October 5, 2019 International Observe the Moon Night

*Telescope clinics are available at some solar viewing dates.. Bring your own telescope and have an expert teach you how to use it or troubleshoot problems!

*Telescopes are provided through museum volunteers and members of the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers. Our volunteer Solar Astronomer is also a NASA Solar System Ambassador(more info here).

* Please note that at times there may be a volunteer emergency which could cancel the viewing at the last minute. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you at the Museum!